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In May 2017, I traveled to the Faroe Islands to lead a photography workshop alongside Conor MacNeill and Zoe Timmers. We booked extra time on the islands, too, so that we could partner with Visit Faroe Islands and SanDisk Europe, producing images for two distinct campaigns. 

Over two weeks, I posted images on my instagram account, promoting both the Faroe Islands as a travel destination and SanDisk's weatherproof Extreme 510 portable SSD drive. In that period, I garnered 541100 impressions, 430500 reach, 60068 engagements on Instagram. 

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House Goals

House Goals

Perhaps the home with the best view in the Faroe Islands. While photographing this dramatic sunset, I received numerous texts from participants that had decided to stay at the hotel. They wanted to know what we were photographing in such awful light. I told them it was incredible and they didn't believe me. Once we began the 15 minute drive back to the hotel, I understood. The entire island, minus this coastline, was blanketed in thick fog.

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