Iceland 2017 - Jeff Bartlett Media

In October 2017, I returned to Iceland for three weeks to shoot a social media-driven campaign for SanDisk Europe and lead a travel photography workshop. 

Throughout my travels, I explored the landscapes around Akureyri, on the Snaefellsness Peninsula, and the South Coast. I photographed new locations - including Godofoss and Aderjayfoss - and returned to landscapes I'd photographed on previous campaigns.

I used SanDisk Extreme Pro SD memory cards, putting them through tough conditions to prove their reliabilty in any situation. 

The social media campaign generated more than 410000 impressions and 55000 engagements on Instagram. 

In May 2017, I completed a campaign for Sandisk Europe in the Faroe Islands, to promote the Extreme 510 SSD hard drive. The images and social media content produced an EMV of $44000.

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Signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is a classic landmark on Iceland's south coast, but its hard to put its scale into perspective. This place is gigantic and some of the icebergs are the size of buildings. When I framed this shot, I knew I was committed to a long wait. I needed a zodiac to pass through the frame to complete they story.

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